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Choosing the right agent has everything to do with the individual chosen and little to do with the company. It is the agent that advises and guides the client through the real estate process. The agent will negotiate on behalf of the client. The agent will take all associated phone calls. The agent will be there at their client’s side. My goal is to do such an outstanding job for my clients and to make them so absolutely thrilled with my services that they tell their friends, neighbors, and business associates about me. Clients for Life, is a motto for some… For me, it’s the way I do business. I value your business today, but it is your future business and client referrals that mean the most to me. Living in Colorado since 1982, Worked in Colorado department ofTransportation for 23 years, Hold a professional Engineering Licence and have a BA in Architectural and Design for Kansas State University. Have been a real estate agent since 2003.